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Training Client Testimonials

Heather is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I am a new mother of a 2-3 year old rescue catahoula-hound mix. When I first got him (Leo), he terrorized the house and destroyed his crate out of anxiety. He was claustrophobic and was unable to be left alone. I suspect it had something to do from his time at a kill shelter in NM.

Heather is so patient and understands that each animal's background and personality is unique. She took the time to walk me through steps on getting Leo crate trained, while giving me tips for working on his obedience around the house. 

Within a few weeks of trying Heather's training methods out, Leo now loves to sleep in his crate! We are working on leaving him in the crate while I run errands, but baby steps!

Working with Heather has been nothing short of fantastic. You can tell she really cares about her dogs, and it shows through her training tactics - Definitely recommend!

Madeleine Broeren

Heather was wonderful! We have a 1 year old lab rescue named Ziggy. Ziggy was catching on so quickly, and Heather was sure to move at a slow pace so we could all follow along. Great explanations for what she was doing. She also had great advice for some of our other concerns. Absolutely recommend!

Christy Potter

Heather is so great with dogs! She understands that each dog has different needs and uses several different training methods to make it all work.

Jessie Mullinex

We so appreciate Heather's dog obedience classes and approach to dog (and people) training. Ruby graduated today and made improvements each week. Thanks for the tips on behavior, equipment, and training.

Shelly Kilgas

Heather did an amazing job teaching and leading intro to agility class for our mini aussie puppy- Monte! She made it easy to learn new things and always focused on the dogs having fun! Monte learned so much we signed up for intermediate agility and multiple other classes and will continue to utilize Heather and MMDT for future classes!

Allie Maynes

I called Heather when I was having a problem with my 125 pound Shiloh Shepard, getting her to get into the truck, which she was deathly afraid of. Within one session, my girl was jumping up with no problem. We have had several personal training’s and some pack walks to help socialize her, and we walked in town with tons of people around with absolutely no reaction from her I also took this big beast into her agility class, and she did great compared to all these little border collies and smaller dogs. Heather is the best dog trainer I’ve ever encountered, she knows what she’s doing and the dog responds immediately! I would recommend her with no reservations! She’s awesome!

Rebecca Brentlinger

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