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Private Training Packages

One on One Training in the Comfort of your Home

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Mini Puppy Private Package


For those that just need a little bit of help with their puppies. This will provide a small foundation for those that have had puppies before and mostly feel comfortable raising them. 

What's Included?

-Three 45 minute sessions (60 day expiration)

-Topics we may cover include manners, obedience, potty and crate training etc. 


-For puppies 2-11 months

Beagle Puppy

Perfect Puppy Private Package


If you are wanting a very well behaved puppy and need help with all aspects of their foundational learning, this is the package for you. 

What's Included?

- Six 45 minute sessions (90 day expiration)

- Things we usually cover include marker words, basic obedience, manners, body handling, crate and potty training etc. 


-For puppies 2-11 months old

Dog Collar

Advanced Puppy Private Package


This package can be added on once your puppy has completed the Perfect Puppy Package. 

What's Included?

-Four 45 minute sessions (60 day expiration)

-Builds on current skills and behavior as well as learning the Canine Good Citizen Testing points

-Option to add e collar (6 sessions instead of 4 in 90 days, includes high quality e collar, cost is $950 instead of $500)


-Your puppy has already completed the Perfect Puppy Package

-For puppies 6-18 months old

Doggie Stay

General Private Training Package


Does your dog react to other dogs on leash? Do they still jump on guests coming through the door after all these years? Is your dog fearful of things in their environment? This is the package for you.

What's Included?

-Three 45 minute sessions (60 day expiration)

-Topics we cover can vary widely based on your area of struggle. Send a text or email to get set up with a consult to discuss your needs. 

-Can add additional sessions as needed for $125 per session


For dogs 1 year old and older

Playing Catch

E Collar for Recall Private Package


Does your dog need to be reliable off leash? Train your dog on a high quality remote collar and never worry about them running away again!

What's included?

- Four 45 minute sessions (60 day expiration)

- High quality remote collar


-Your dog must know marker words and verbal recall first (even if they don't always follow through). This can be done in a prior package, a virtual session, or on your own.

- For dogs 6 months old and older


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