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Does your dog counter surf? Pull on leash? Bark at other dogs? Do you have a puppy or newly adopted dog that needs a total obedience overhaul? Do you just want to teach your dogs a few new tricks and build your bond together? Does your dog need help getting along with his four legged friends? No matter the issue, we're here to help. Take a look at our various training services and contact us to get started.

Animal Rescue and Care

Private Training Sessions

In the comfortability of your own home or at a third party location

Private training sessions are the most common form of training done at Moving Mountains. These sessions come in various packages and can happen anywhere. Visit our pricing page or contact us to learn more!

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Smart Dog

Board and Trains

Overnight doggy bootcamp

Board and trains can be a few days to a few weeks long. Your dog will be fully immersed in a training program specially formatted for your specific needs. This can be obedience, behavior rehab etc. At the end of the board and train, we will train you on what your dog has learned and how to keep up their new education at home. Visit our pricing page or contact us to learn more!

*Board and trains are on a case by case basis right now while we remodel our home*

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Dog Training

Group Classes

Building your bond in a community setting

Group classes can be a fun way to grow and learn with your dog. You have the increased distraction of having other dogs and people around you while you and your dog progress. Classes vary in topics, location, and availability. All classes and class information will be posted on the group classes page. If you are interested in a group class, contact us!

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