About the Trainer

Heather Williams


Heather graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She completed all of her pre-veterinary requirements as well, having the intention of attending vet school at CSU. During her coursework at CU Boulder, Heather began to work not only in animal hospitals, but also in doggy daycares and training facilities. Dog behavior and training really hit a chord with her and she changed her focus from animal medicine to animal behavior, specifically dog behavior.

Heather has worked with animals for over 10 years. She completed a dog training apprenticeship in 2014 and is an associate member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). Her passion for animals has lead her to volunteer in several shelters across the United States and to work in several fields within the animal community. She was fortunate enough to work with and study under Brian Bergfod - owner and founder of Altitude Dog Training and Uptown Dog in Longmont, Colorado. Brian's specialized work in dog psychology and behavior modification inspired Heather's work as a dog trainer.

Heather's keen eye for dog behavior, interaction, and body language allows her to create a unique training program for each of her clients. She enjoys many aspects of training including, but not limited to obedience, pack work, and building the dog to human bond.

Heather aims to set each of her clients up for success by not only training the dog, but training the owner as well. In order to be effective at dog training, there must be a well rounded approach that includes both the dog and the human. Heather takes all factors into consideration when creating a training plan. The dog's health, likes, dislikes, and abilities come into play, as well as the owner's lifestyle and resources. The overall goal is maximize the potential in each individual dog and owner so they can live in harmony with one another. This is achieved by developing a greater understanding of your dog and it's behavior and effectively communicating how you wold like to modify that behavior. Once you understand how to successfully communicate with your dog, your bond with them will be stronger than ever.